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 For local artists who would like their own page, to qualify you must join the Arts Council of Trinidad for a $30 annual fee. You may have an artist’s statement, a photograph of yourself, a brief resume if desired, and up to nine photographs of your artwork.

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Trinidad has produced and attracted many fine artists (yes, and probably some average ones too). Trinidad is attractive to artists for so many reasons. The same qualities that attracted A. R. Mitchell continue to attract artists today. Artists have long loved the clean, clear air and the predominance of sunny days (300+). Add to fine weather, a charming, historic town and beautiful nearby scenery, and Trinidad is an ideal artists destination. And while today most artists can no longer claim to be ‘starving’, many do work hard to earn a living doing what they love, and the low cost of housing attracts many.
    A number of fine artists are represented by galleries in Trinidad. The work of may of these artists can be seen at their gallery - see ‘Galleries’ page. For artists no represented, this website can provide exposure.
    If you desire to buy a work of art,
contact the artist directly. This site
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